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Providing highest quality scientific research to underpin sustainable coastal management


Research interests

Research interests

The CCRU carries out fundamental research on coastal, estuarine and nearshore processes, landforms and ecosystems; environmental monitoring in the coastal zone; and research consultancies for both governmental and non-governmental agencies. In addition, it offers scientifically-informed advice on the sustainable management of coasts and coastal ecosystems.

Current and future research projects include:

Temperate environments

  • Large scale (> 1km), long-term (> 1yr) coastal evolution
  • Waves and tides in UK East Coast Estuaries
  • Numerical and physical scale modelling of coastal hydrodynamic processes
  • Application of remote sensing to the study of sedimentation and vegetation in the coastal zone
  • Wave/tide - sediment - vegetation interrelationships in the intertidal zone
  • Wave energy dissipation over intertidal surfaces
  • Monitoring of foreshore recharge and salt marsh creation schemes
  • Nutrient fluxes in tidal ecosystems
  • Coastal settlements and flooding risk, UK East Coast

Tropical environments

  • Global biodiversity in coral reefs, mangrove and seagrass ecosystems
  • Large-scale space-time dynamics of coral bleaching in the western Indian Ocean
  • Records of sea level change from Central Pacific and Indian Ocean corals
  • Coral reef dynamics and environmental change on Cuban coral reefs
  • Biogeomorphology of tropical coasts
  • Fish population dynamics on coral reefs in the Seychelles