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Programme and Participants

Programme and Participants

The Bilingual Meeting (English/Italian translation) was attended by some 130 Scientists and Engineers from Venice, Italy, the United Kingdom, Holland, Russia, Germany, Spain, Lithuania and the USA and a good exchange of information was achieved.

The meeting involved a strong group of scientists from Venice and Italy and other parts of the world. In particular, the key players in the wealth of research that has gone on over the last few decades in Venice. In addition, other experts working on different systems: St Petersburg, Russia; Chesapeake Bay, USA; The Thames, England; Rotterdam and the Eastern Scheldt, Holland were present and able to both learn from Venice and share with Venice their experiences.

The programme was structured around the following topics and themes:

  • Introductory Session: Engineering Solutions to Tidal Flooding
  • Research Overview
  • Theme 1: Urban Flooding: Architectural and structural issues
  • Theme 2: Weather and Sea Level Forecasting
  • Theme 3: Modelling and Field Data: Hydrodynamics and lagoon processes
  • Theme 4: Ecological Processes and Environmental quality
  • Theme 5: Physical Processes: Sediments and morphology
  • Theme 6: Venice and Global Environmental Change
  • Technical Session I: Engineering
  • Technical Session II: Environmental Quality and Indicators
  • Technical Session III: Habitats

Abstracts Document

An Abstracts and Programme Document is attached from the meeting.

Draft Conclusions

The conclusions document is a distillation of the final session of the four-day meeting. A complete version of conclusions from each thematic session, as presented by the session chairmen, is currently being circulated to participants for final comments and observations. This material will be included in the future publications.